Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Colorado

[Editor’s Note: It’s that time of year. Stuff for your sweetie. This is a great collection of cannabis powered gifts for the one who matters.]

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your main squeeze or treasured friend, you can’t go wrong with these cannabis-infused Colorado selections.

Long-Stemmed Bud Bouquets

(Courtesy of Boulder Wellness Center)

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your cannabis-lovin’ Valentine and you live near Boulder, you’re in luck. This year, Boulder Wellness Center is offering long-stemmed cannabis flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Each strain-specific bouquet contains 7—28 grams of highly potent apical colas, cut from the tops of Boulder Wellness Center’s house-grown plants. Add a few long-stemmed roses from a local flower shop and your gift will always be remembered.

Note: You can buy a bouquet of long-stemmed cannabis flowers at “signature” pricing, but act soon, February 11th is the last day to pre-order. You won’t find this offer on Boulder Wellness Center’s menu—you need to go to the storefront to sign up.


(Courtesy of KushKards)

KushKards are greeting cards made especially for cannabis enthusiasts. Each KushKard has a reusable match striker and a place to insert a pre-roll of your choice. Whether you make your own pre-rolls or pick some up, KushKards are the perfect way to deliver the gift of cannabis to all your friends this Valentine’s Day! You can buy a set of 5 assorted Valentine’s KushKards for $20, or upgrade to a set of 5 One Hitter Kards (with a one-hitter included) for $40.

Coda Signature Truffles

When I toured the Coda Signature chocolate factory, the facts confirmed what my taste buds already knew—Coda Signature makes the highest-quality, best-tasting chocolates in Colorado, cannabis-infused or not. Their truffle collections, handmade with fresh, curated ingredients, are a top-notch gift for your loved one. I recommend The Forte Collection, with hazelnut, passion, and tiramisu truffles. You can purchase a 6-piece box for $18 to $25.

High Love

(Courtesy of 1906)

High Love is an aphrodisiac that will make your bed levitate … At least that’s what the manufacturer claims. I don’t know about the levitation part, but with five plant medicines that boost sensuality, High Love is bound to take your Valentine’s day a little higher. Ingredients include 5mg each of CBD and Blue Dream-derived THC, Damiana to curb inhibition, Catuaba to increase sexual desire, theobromine for energy, Ashwagandha to reduce stress and boost libido, and Muira Puama, known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.” (You can guess what that does.) You can buy a box of 6 chocolates for $24 to $26.

Foria Pleasure for Her

Intimate topical maker Foria is surviving lab scrutiny for purity. (Courtesy of Foria)
(Courtesy of Foria)

If you’re looking for the perfect sensual gift for that special lady in your life, consider Foria Pleasure. This 100% organic arousal lube is formulated especially for women to heighten pleasure and diminish discomfort. Clients report enhanced access to and deeper orgasms.

Pleasure contains 3mg of THC per 8 single droplets. Based on customer feedback, Foria recommends using 5 to 15mg at a time. Depending on the size, a bottle of Foria Pleasure will set you back around $20 to $75.

CannaMojo for Men

(Courtesy of Revered, Inc.)

If you read my article about CannaMojo last summer, you already know what it does. The 10mg of THC in Cannamojo gives men increased desire, increased sensitivity, and more intense orgasms. The blend of sexually enhancing herbs will keep him going all night. A dose only costs around $10. I can’t think of anything better than spending a CannaMojo-enhanced Valentine’s Day with your lover. That is, unless you add Foria Pleasure and High Love chocolates to the mix!

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