Cannabis and Chemotherapy

There’s been a lot of research and articles written about cannabis and chemotherapy. Chemo is a rotten thing to have to undergo. Cancer is worse, but chemotherapy is bad enough. As of today, there aren’t enough documented and peer reviewed studies about how cannabis makes chemo easier. But what’s there is factual. True enough, when it comes to cannabis, there are still nay-sayers who still think that cannabis is the evil weed. Thankfully, they’re becoming fewer and fewer.

Here’s a group of articles, both positive (mostly) and negative (only a few) about cannabis and chemotherapy and how it helps those who are undergoing a necessary process because of a disease.

This is from Google Scholar and there’s lots of good articles in here and
Here’s one that references other articles as well.

Cannabis works for chemotherapy. There can be no doubt about it as we’ve done a lot of research, but more needs to be done.

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