CBD Versus CBD with THC: What You Need to Know

[Canniseur: I’ve been at a loss to figure out how we’ve missed the really great aspects of cannabis. One of those aspects (to me at any rate) has been the lack of concentration on CBD and THC in the same plant. They seem to be mutually exclusive, with buzzy THC and not-buzzy CBD never in the same plant. I have to thnk that both compounds are available in a natural and not overly modified and manipulated plant. To my way of thinking, some cannabis should have naturally occuring compounds in the way nature made the plant not in how it was bred for high levels of THC or CBD and keeping them mutually exclusive. I wonder what that balance was at one time.

While I like THC a lot, I also see benefit to CBD. Does one enhance the other? Are both kinds of the major chemical components better than one or the other alone? I don’t know and can’t find any research on the topic. I wish someone would take this bull by the horns and do a study on this important thing. My fear is that over the years, we’ll lose the ability to know what we’re missing in the cannabis plant.

This appears to be a really good article about this.]

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