“I Swore I’d Never Touch Cannabis. Here’s Why I Finally Did”

Here’s a fascinating, but more and more common story. Fascinating not because it’s rare or unheard of, but fascinating because it’s becoming commonplace to read or hear that people who thought cannabis was going to cook their brain or addle you for life or (re)make you into a homicidal maniac or … or … or. No, it’s a common story these days. Over 100 years of gaslighting about what cannabis is or what it does to people is being outed for exactly what it is; A gaslit narrative about what this plant is all about.

Here’s one reporter’s story about how he went from swearing he’d never touch cannabis to how it actually redeemed his quality of life when he was in so much pain he couldn’t sleep. His story is also full of the misconceptions he had about what cannabis might do to him. He “swore” he’d never touch the stuff. But when he needed it …

You can blame Reagan for his feelings or Nixon or Harry Anslinger, but the fact remains, we’ve been gaslit for over a century about cannabis. The gaslighting can all be traced back to racism. It’s not only time for the gaslighting to end, it’s time for our society to begin to embrace cannabis for what it is. Cannabis is more than a vehicle to get us ‘high’. It’s also medicine and good medicine at that. Getting ‘high’ is fun, but so is pain relief, mental or physical, with a medication that does very little harm to you. But you, our readers, are already there, So pass the news on.

Detroit Free Press I Swore I’d Never Touch Cannabis…

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