Magic Mushroom Pill Is Being Developed to Treat Diabetes and Stop the Munchies

[Canniseur: All psychoactive drugs found in nature (and some not) have uses for people. I get it that there are diseases like depression that might be helped by psychoactive compounds. But diabetes? WOW! And it appears that many other disorders can be helped…maybe. Since there’s no real research, it remains to be seen if psilocybin can be useful therapy for disease. The potential could be great.]

Could the key ingredients in psychedelic mushrooms promote weight loss, healthier dietary choices, and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes? That’s what one Canadian company is claiming in a new US patent filing.

The patent, filed by Yield Growth’s American subsidiary, Flourish Mushroom Labs, details a recipe for making a pill from psilocybin and psilocin, two shroom compounds responsible for making humans (and some animals) trip. The pill itself only includes microdosed amounts, or roughly a tenth of the so-called “recreational dose,” so anyone who takes it shouldn’t see their food breathing or their wallpaper designs coming to life…

Read the rest of the story here at Merry Jane

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