Sedative and Anxiolytic Effects of Cannabis Terpenes


Ed. Note: Originally posted 7/11/2017, this article proves to be timeless and offers a basic understanding of Cannabis Terpenes.
Can the terpenes in cannabis really have relaxing or anti-anxiety effects? What happens when they are combined with THC?

Every cannabis site loves to talk about the “health benefits” of terpenes. Many cannabis terpenes are promoted as having calming, sleep-promoting, anti-stress, anti-anxiety effects. When I hear these descriptions, it sounds to me like they are sedatives.

Unfortunately there is often little detail on the science behind these claims. In fact, it was difficult to even find a proper review on sedative effects of terpenes in the scientific literature. So I made this guide on the sedative and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects of terpenes to understand the science behind what they do and how they work.

Read the original article at Prof of Pot

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