The Best Cannabis Strains for PCOS, According to Leafly Reviews

Affecting one in 15 persons with ovaries, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a reproductive disorder that affects metabolism, hormonal balance, and fertility.

People with PCOS suffer pain as well as emotional side effects from wavering hormone levels. As the disease can also cause hair loss, male pattern body hair growth, and severe acne, those with the disorder are also prone to anxiety and depression.

At the time there is no cure for PCOS, so many people look to alternative treatments for pain including cannabis. Here are a few strains, according to PCOS sufferers, that help alleviate some of the symptoms and side effects associated with the disease.

Sunset Sherbert

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I, myself, have had PCOS since age nine and found cannabis to be a less toxic alternative to traditional habit-forming pain medications and over-the-counter NSAIDs. I currently use Sunset Sherbert, a tasty hybrid that can alleviate stress, pain, loss of appetite, depression, and, in larger doses, insomnia—all while letting me stay creative and functional.

Mr. Nice

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“I have PCOS and sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed when it feels like someone is stepping on your uterus with cleats on. After a blunt of this, I was feeling a million times better! With periods come mood swings, this helped me keep all of that under control.”LabellaLuciano

Mr. Nice can help with depression, stress, and pain with a tasty, fruit-forward flavor. An indica-dominant cross of G-13 and Hash Plant, it’s a strong creeper, so adjust your usage accordingly.

RemedyRemedy CBD strain

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“I have issues with chronic back pain, dizziness, major anxiety, on top of a slew of women’s issues (PCOS). This quickly eased my cramps, dulled my back pain, and even helped the dizziness. The best part is I took only half the dose of my normal sleep medication and this helped knocked [sic] me out for the rest of it.”poisonpink

Typically testing up to 15% CBD, Remedy is the perfectly named baby of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. Not only does it ease the pain associated with PCOS, it’s commonly used for anxiety disorders as well.

Granddaddy Purple

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“This has been excellent for me in handling severe pain due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) flare-ups and also reducing my body’s inflammatory response due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disorder where your body believes your thyroid gland to be a disease). Using this in conjunction with the many other aspects I use to aid in my overall health journey, this has been a godsend!” —LiveTruth

PCOS patients’ needs include controlling muscle spasms, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Granddaddy Purple can cover those symptoms as well as reduce pain and stress. This heavily relaxing strain boasts a palette of berries and grape, and is known for its stunning crystal resin.

Johnny’s Tonic

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“I have PCOS that causes incredibly bad cramps, nausea, and dizziness. This not only lessened all my symptoms but gave me the energy I needed to continue about my day!”poisonpink

Johnny’s Tonic is a balanced blend of CBD and a light percentage of THC. Great for fatigue, pain, stress, and headaches, it’s a skunky, earthy strain with giggly and relaxed—but not drowsy—effects.

Death Star

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“Great pain and cramp strain. Good for my girlfriend who has PCOS…a great overall strain.”Bigz95

Death Star is a potent and pungent (there isn’t a “Force” or Febreeze strong enough to mask it) announcement to the world that you use cannabis. Considering its valuable medicinal effects, it’s worth the outing as it reduces stress, pain, and lack of appetite as well as curbing insomnia. Unlike its namesake, this strain is universally loved and a bit ironic in its capacity to treat the pain of exploding ovaries.

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