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Cannabis Strain Reviews from CanniseurCannabis strain reviews have not yet benefitted from the rigor that wine reviews enjoy. We’re going to change that! In the wine world, there are well thought out methods and rules for tasting. In the world of cannabis, it’s pretty much down to how much THC is there and does it get me high. Here at Canniseur, we are quantifying the quality of cannabis in our strain reviews. Yes, it’s subjective. So is wine evaluation.

As cannabis becomes legal in more places, it’s turning into a free-for-all where anyone can claim anything about any strain. And they do. And nobody can prove or disprove that this or that cannabis strain does what the grower or dispensary says it’s going to do, or that it tastes the same, smokes the same, or processes into oils, resins, or edibles in a way that creates a complete pleasurable experience.

We are developing a a consensus standard for cannabis strain reviews. We welcome your feedback on our reviews and our methods — comments are open!

Strain Review – Mowie Wowie

I've had Maui Waui before. Many times, but not in the last 15 to 20 years. The original spelling is what I wrote here. Some Maui Waui was purported to be actually grown on the island of Maui. Some was grown in California. But the word is Maui, not Mowie. It's a large...

White Rhino Cannabis Strain Review

White Rhino is a new strain to me, but apparently well known in states where I haven't shopped before. According to Wikileaf, White Rhino has won a lot of second place awards. Second place? Pot Guide says White Rhino is a cross between White Widow (a cross between a...

Notorious THC – Home Grown Strain Review

Notorious THC is a strain that is sold for home grown cannabis. It was really impressive…for about an hour or so. Reviewed using our 4-20s review method, Notorious THC ultimately suffers from pitfalls that await home grown cannabis.

Strain Review: Diamonds Two Ways – Grapes and Dust

Diamond Grapes (91) has unique fruity qualities and a smooth smoke, while Diamond Dust (81) is earthy and traditionally appealing. Diamond Grapes produced a good 45-minute burst of brainy energy, then settled into a pleasant body buzz, while Diamond Dust produced a relaxing indica-style body experience.

Blue Dream 4-Ways (4 Different Growers, 4 Different States)

This is not a normal strain review. If you’re like me, you’ve got your favorite cultivars of cannabis. One of mine is Blue Dream. It’s uplifting and cerebral at the same time. Like a great wine varietal, Blue Dream strain is similar, but not the same, from one place to another.

9 Best Marijuana Strains of the 2020 Harvest

[Canniseur: I can't say any more about the year or the strains than the author. So I'm going to leave it at that. Here are 9 terrific strains, whether for 2020 or 2016, it doesn't matter. What does matter that this has been a turducken year, but not as good as a...

Cookies n’ Cream – From The Spot, Pueblo, CO

Cookies & Cream Strain Review: Total Score 93 Cookies & Cream sounds like a yummy snack...or meal. Once upon a time, I loved my Oreos and milk. Smooth, unctuous delicious. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Oreos and drink a quart of milk, but no more. I don't...

Strain Review – Lazercat Cannabis Live Rosin

This is not an ordinary strain review. If you've read my reviews, you'll know I'm a fan of whole flower consumption. I like flower because it's holistic. The whole plant might be better than the parts like trichomes, THC, CBD or any other partial use of the plant. I...

5 Undeniably Grape-Flavored Strains

[Canniseur: For a wine crazy like me, this is terrific. I love wine and all its different flavors, all the places it comes from, all the different things it can be. Why should cannabis be any different? I can't come up with a reason.] Grape is one of the best cannabis...

8 Weed Strains for Hiking

[Canniseur: I'm a hiker. I love to hike. Up mountains. Down mountains. I live part-time in a place that has lots of trails and mountains to hike on. Hiking high can be a great pleasure. Here are some strains that make that hike you're taking even better. Go for it!...

The Best Strains for Arousal, According to Cannabis and Sex Experts

[Canniseur: Gee, I didn't know getting high made me more aroused too. Yes. I. Did. I love cannabis for this. And this is a good explanation of which strains seem to be the best.] It's no secret that a dash of weed will spice things up in the bedroom. In recent years,...

Pura Vida Cultivar Review (Sativa or Indica?)

Pura Vida Cultivar Review: Total Score 93 This week's Pura Vida Cultivar Review is for a purchase I made in Colorado. I got a chance to revisit Cannaco, on the south side of Trinidad, CO. This dispensary always has great products and I try to get there two or three...

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