Afghan Kush Cultivar Review (Sativa Hybrid)

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review: Total Score: 92

Afghani Kush is a “sativa hybrid” (according to the dispensary) cultivar. For me, Afghan Kush has wonderful long-ago memories that have nothing to do whether the strain is indica or sativa. Exclusive Provisioning, Ann Arbor, MI is listed on the label as the producer, which in this case means they grew and sold the product. Exclusive calls this a “Landrace” strain, which might or might not be true since they also call it a sativa hybrid. It’s a bit confusing. The only names I could find in my research on this cultivar is Afghani OG or OG Kush. It doesn’t matter to me what it’s called, it has a terrific mental effect. It’s also lower in THC than many strains I’ve seen lately. At just over 16%, it has a nice effect without becoming overwhelming. It has some body effect as well and what was there was very nice indeed. The mental effect was nice and mellow, without being too energizing. It lasted over several hours and never seemed to lock me into the couch as I would expect from a sativa-hybrid cultivar.

Afghani Kush is a legendary strain so let’s see if Exclusive lives up to the legend.

Afghan Kush – Appearance

Afghan Kush Cultivar ReviewThe nugs were fairly small, but not too small. There was a lot of frost (trichomes) all over the flowers including the little bits of stem. Plus, you could see lots of orange stigmas. It wasn’t overly trimmed, but I still would have liked to see more leaf. That’s me though.

Appearance Score: 18/20

Afghan Kush  – Aroma

Wow! If this was a wine, I’d call it a fruit bomb. In the wine world, a fruit bomb has a massive aroma and taste. This started with the aroma of fresh fruit. I could not detect any pinene or other terpenes normally present in this kind of sativa bud. This was not bad, but it made me wonder. It had lots of fruity aromas all over the place. I don’t believe I’ve ever smelled as fruity and luscious aroma as this. Exclusive says on their site they’re in the business of growing exceptional cannabis. This one certainly has an exceptional aroma.

Aroma Score: 19/20

Afghan Kush – Taste

The aromas came right through the taste. Perhaps the cure wasn’t long enough or it was too dry, but it was a bit harsh on the first toke. There was some coughing, but not a lot and it got mellower as it smoked down in the bowl. The taste went all the way through the process and you could still taste the delicious fruitiness in the exhalation and the fruity taste lingered for a while. In wine, this would be the finish and Afghan Kush had a pretty good finish. A few points lost for the harshness.

Taste Score: 17/20

Afghan Kush – Effect

The Afghan Kush cultivar is called sativa by various sources and hybrid by Exclusive Brands. While I don’t believe in the sativa or indica terms, the bud did have more of what one would call a ‘sativa’ effect. It was very uplifting. The mind effect had several nuanced layers in it. They were distinct but worked together. Very uplifting and somewhat euphoric. And funny. Many things seemed humorous. There wasn’t much body effect until about 2 1/2 hours after smoking. Then it was just relaxing and maybe a bit sleepy. It was very easy and relaxing to laugh while under the influence.

The effect started about 3 or 4 minutes after we had our first toke. First, my mind felt relaxed and happy. Then my mind seemed to sharpen and the events of the day seemed humorous. It was a fairly focused effect and I liked it a lot.

Effect Score: 18/20

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review Summary

I was impressed with Afghan Kush. It was excellent, and probably a ‘go back to’ based on the grower. Afghan Kush was grown by a large vertically integrated company in Michigan, Exclusive Brands. They are both retailers and growers.

This shop lets you select your buds, which I like because I photograph almost every bud I buy. I like to crush (or grind) my flowers when I use them.





Afghan Kush created a memorable effect. If you like a brain buzz, you’ll really enjoy this strain. If you want a strain that enhances creativity and gives lots of energy, Afghan Kush is that strain. A light session of 1 or 2 puffs will get your brain going for a few hours, but won’t give you that burst of creativity you might want.

Afghan Kush Strain Review Total Score: 92

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