Cookies n’ Cream – From The Spot, Pueblo, CO

Cookies & Cream Strain Review: Total Score 93

Cookies & Cream sounds like a yummy snack…or meal. Once upon a time, I loved my Oreos and milk. Smooth, unctuous delicious. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Oreos and drink a quart of milk, but no more. I don’t know if it’s wisdom or age. But this isn’t the weed, Oreos are real cookies. But Cookies & Cream, the cannabis strain, really is reminiscent in several ways of those old Oreo and milk sessions. Smooth, mellow, and satisfying. First a word about The Spot dispensary .

I’ve been to lots of dispensaries in many of the legal states. The Spot (there are 2 outlets and a grow operation in Pueblo and 1 in Trinidad) is among the very best I’ve ever visited. Their Pueblo West store is also a grow operation that was open for arranged tours before COVID changed our lives. They appear to grow their own and it’s good indeed. Companies who grow their own have a much greater incentive to produce good products. The budtender who helped me was quite knowledgable and told me that all their flower was grown hydroponically. I don’t know that but will take him at his word. Much of the flower in jars looked great although it’s hard to tell in a big jar of buds. They did not look like they’d been treated with PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) which supposedly can lead to health problems. Back to our main event; the strain.

Cookies & Cream – Appearance

The buds, while small, were fairly loose with the original structure easy to determine. The leaves were easily discernable so the buds weren’t over-trimmed. There were lots of pale orange stigmas all over the buds and they were generally frosted with trichomes. Leaves can include trichomes, which have most of the good stuff. The buds were a pale to medium green with different parts of the plant displaying different shades. The only detraction was the size of the buds. All were very small. I’d like to see a selection of sizes. The plant itself should express its trichome and THC genetics about the same all over the plant. It would be nice if I could see where the bud came from on the plant; Was it high or low? How big were the original buds? The appearance score is based on the lack of size and differentiation.

Appearance Score – 16

Cookies & Cream – Aroma

There were many aromas in Cookies & Cream and they were wonderful. The initial dominant scent was sweet with undertones of creaminess, and a suave mix of berry, vanilla, and an earthy element. I like bud that possesses complex and distinct aromas. Too much cannabis in the marketplace just has a blah aroma. Not this. I just loved the scent and kept smelling it. The first notes were sweet and smooth.

Aroma Score  – 19

Cookies & Cream – Taste

If I could write this review with just one word, it would be smooth. That’s it. smooth. The taste started out smooth and ended smooth. What was in-between. was a creamy texture in the mouth that is very difficult to describe. It actually seemed to taste of cookies and the cookie taste combined with the smoothness had this strain truly living up to its name. Loved it! The taste was very much like the aroma. No complaints there. There was a certain purity of the flavors that didn’t go unnoticed. Loved it.

This bud was very well cured. The ash was almost pure white. I don’t know if it would have been harsher or whatever if it had been cured poorly. But I’ll take this kind of cure any time at all.

Taste Score – 19

Cookies & Cream – Effect

As smooth as the taste was, the effect was just as smooth. As creamy as this was to my nose and as creamy as it was to my palate, the effect was smooth and creamy as well. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a strain where the aroma, flavor, and effect all meshed like this. It was a supremely mellow and smoothly energizing experience. Mellow…not a wacky brain buzz, but just smooth. And again for lack of a better word, smoothly energizing. No big burst of “clean up the entire house…NOW” kind of energy. But a good feeling like I was up to the task and had plenty of energy to do it. I personally found this effect to be wonderful. It was just as the budtender advertised. Terrific stuff.

Rarely does anything I get from a dispensary live up to the hype I frequently get from uninformed or uneducated budtenders. This one was just terrific.

Effect Score – 19

Cookies & Cream Strain Review Summary

Cookies & Cream is supposed to be a ‘hybrid’. I don’t know exactly what hybrid means anymore because some hybrids are energizing and some are couch-lock inducing. This strain is a real hybrid. It seems to take the best of what we call Sativa and the best of Indica and combines them into something really different and wonderful.

This is perhaps the best cannabis I’ve had since I purchased some Acapulco Gold at The Green Room in Telluride in June or July. Since nothing is probably an old landrace strain anymore, I really didn’t know what the Acapulco Gold was…other than excellent. But this is about Cookies & Cream.

If you find yourself driving on  Interstate 25 in Colorado passing through Pueblo, get off at exit 101 (U.S. 50) and make a left at the first light to the west of the highway and it’s right there next to the 7-11 on the left.

Cookies & Cream Total Score 93

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