Princess Nikita Strain Review (Sativa)

Princess Nikita

Princess Nikita Strain Review: Total Score: 94

Princess Nikita is an unusual strain in the legal cannabis market. There are no other complete strain reviews of the Princess I’ve been able to find online. And…I’ve only seen Princess Nikita in one dispensary…in 4 states! It’s time to let the world know with an official Princess Nikita strain review!

There are few strains that truly stand out for the quality of their effect. There are even fewer strains that you’d want to go back to again and again because they offer an unique experience. Princess Nikita fits in the very few category. And the effect has what I call ‘edges’. It doesn’t mean it’s sharp. It means the effect is well defined. These buds were obtained from an Ann Arbor, MI medical dispensary, The Om of Medicine. This is one of my favorite dispensaries in Ann Arbor and the Om of Medicine is also the distributor for Tree Town Seeds, who bred this strain. Surprisingly, Tree Town Seeds is based in California even though Ann Arbor is also called tree town. And The Om of Medicine is the only distributor of their seeds outside of California. There must be a connection, given the name and their only distributor outside of California is in Ann Arbor.

Princess Nikita – Appearance

Princess NikitaThe buds were mid-sized and fairly loosely composed. There were small leaves on the outside, which isn’t always a bad thing. They buds didn’t seem to be trimmed to death in a machine and I liked the look. Frosted all over with lots of pale orange stigma inside the flower, protected by the few leaves. Many people expect an overly trimmed bud, but I like natural. And this was natural. I believe it was indoor grown because the buds were so loose, but it doesn’t matter as you will find out below.

Appearance Score: 17/20 (mostly because I like Princess Nikita)

Princess Nikita – Aroma

WOW! This flower has a very complex aroma. Even before I ground up the bud, it had a pronounced sweet spiciness in the foreground. The background had pine, and perhaps a faint aroma of violets. Very pleasurable. After grinding the flower the nose was even more pronounced with a big sweet spicy bang in my nose. The aromas are amazingly clear. There was even a hint of lemon terpene in there.

Aroma Score: 19/20

Princess Nikita – Taste

The taste followed the nose. It had a sweet spicy foretaste as soon as I lit it. A notable component of the taste is that it lingered. In wine it’s called the finish. The finish was nice, not smoky at all. The sweet spicy taste continued for several minutes. A finish is a rare thing in cannabis. I wonder if a grape grower or winemaker grew and cured this plant. I’ve rarely had cannabis with a finish. This was one of those times.

Taste Score: 19/20

Princess Nikita – Effect

Real sativa, or what I attribute to sativa, effect. Energizing. Focusing. Creative. And that’s by myself. In a group, I became a terrific stand-up comedian. Actually we all became good at stand-up together! I just loved Princess Nikita.

Focused, I wrote and edited some stories including a bit of this article. It doesn’t take long to identify that you’ve smoked something different than the run-of-the-mill cannabis you find in most stores and in most states. The effect really starts almost immediately, but really comes on at the 5-6 minute mark.

Effect Score: 19/20

Princess Nikita Strain Review Summary

If you want something to propel you through a creative day, Princess Nikita is a strain well worth seeking out. It doesn’t get tiring and a light session of 1 or 2 puffs will keep you going for several hours. As you move through the day, you’ll just stay engaged. I don’t believe I’ve ever had any bud before that had this many different strong effects. I liked it a lot. The effect is as complex as the aroma of this bud.

Princess Nikita Strain Review Total Score: 94

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    • Marty
    • May 21, 2020

    This is my second year growing this strain. It’s legal here in Canada now so I’ve been growing outdoors in large pots. I had a great yield last year. Lots of buds, just as you described them. Mid-size and loose. Best trimmed when wet to get as close as possible. Smokes well…incredible high whether it’s first thing in the morning or towards the end of the night. The buzz hits you hard, you want to laugh and yes…you do become a stand-up comedian or instantly the most interesting guy in the world. The buzz settles down after about a half hour but it’s a sweet high you can ride out for hours until you’re ready to call it a day or have your next hit. I’ve never got headaches or couch lock. Rarely any paranoia and when I do, it’s very mild and doesn’t last.
    My clones come from a mother that’s 30 years old. I plan to clone my own this fall for an indoor grow through the winter.
    I’ve given samples to numerous friends and it’s much, much better than their everyday weed and they always come back asking for more. Fortunately I smoke maybe, one joint total per day and have lots of leftovers after my harvest.
    This one gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars every day of the week.

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