Strain Review – Lazercat Cannabis Live Rosin

This is not an ordinary strain review. If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll know I’m a fan of whole flower consumption. I like flower because it’s holistic. The whole plant might be better than the parts like trichomes, THC, CBD or any other partial use of the plant. I don’t consume vape cartridgess. I have no idea where what they contain comes from, how the ‘oil’ was extracted, and what additives there might be in them. So why am I reviewing a “concentrate”? Lazercat is why. And this won’t look like one of our regular reviews. No 4-20s score here.

What is Lazercat?

Lazercat Cannabis is a small company located near Breckenridge, Colorado that specializes in water process concentrates. They do seem to sell flower, but haven’t seen it in any dispensary, although one said they’d had some the week before. There are almost no other companies in any legal state who only make water process live resin products. Nearly all concentrates are made with solvents like alcohol or butane or CO2. Why would I want to ingest any of that?

Why Water Process Is Important

I never know how most concentrates are made. I have come to find over the years that most concentrates are pretty mysterious. They can be made any way that’s possible to extract the THC from the plant. Hopefully, terpenes come along, but terpenes (all the tasty parts of cannabis) are notably fragile. They are usually destroyed at temperatures above 150F. One of Lazercat’s differences is their use of very cold water to separate the trichomes, which contain all of the terpenes and THC type chemistry of the plant. A cold process keeps the terpenes smelling and tasting the way the plant made them. It also doesn’t destroy any of the THC type chemicals. The trichomes are the frosty parts of a bud. The more frost, the more trichomes, but they’re then a bunch of frosty bits on a flower.

The Product

This product is named “Premium Live Rosin” and the strains in this particular iteration are Cheese Dog + GMO. Lazercat grows many strains and 5 products. These are both very good strains if somewhat more difficult to grow. That’s another thing about Lazercat. They don’t seem to be afraid of growing difficult strains. And the difficult to grow strains are usually the best. It’s kind of hard to imagine when cannabis came from Mexico or farther south and would just be allowed to grow in mostly untended fields, harvested, destemmed, and dried.

Premium live rosin is made from a whole plant that has its trichomes separated from the rest of the plant, is water-washed, then sifted through a small (90 micron) sieve. The resulting pile of goodness is then lightly pressed (I think) into this wonderful-looking pale gold glob of pretty hard material. The picture here shows how pretty it is. One note: when consuming this kind of product, I believe it’s meant to be vaped. I don’t vape, but rather put it on top of a bowl of flower. The whole idea of setting up a rig is just too much to deal with if I’m going to enjoy the effect.

Appearance – Lazercat Silver Fume

The usual categories of appearance don’t hold for this product. But it is a pretty pale yellow color almost like a pale lemon. As I looked at the product, I thought about how I would mix that color on my palate and what I’d use. I came up with using a touch of cadmium yellow mixed with Naples yellow (you’ll have to look up a color chart to see what I mean) and some titanium of white. It was a very pretty color, but it was really a lump of beautiful concentrated essence of cannabis.

Aroma – Lazercat Silver Fume

The aroma is a bit harder to describe then a cannabis flower aroma. It’s the same, but different. A little lighter. Perhaps more concentrated and not as complex, but it’s still nice. Flowers, but not just any flowers, are what it reminds me of every time I smell it, which is every time I open the jar.

Taste – Lazercat Silver Fume

The taste is hard to describe. It’s a lot like the effect (see below). It was very ethereal. It tasted almost exactly as it smelled. I cannot explain it any other way. The flavor was very light but concentrated. It filled my mouth with flavors of lemon, perhaps honeysuckle and flavors I don’t usually associate with cannabis flower of any type. It was extremely pleasant. It wasn’t hash-like and it was very present. Loved it!

Effect – Lazercat Silver Fume

The effect continued with the theme of ethereal. It was VERY present. It was intense, but at the same time it was vety intense in a wonderful way. It felt as it gave me great powers of concentration at the same time as it put my head in the clouds. This product just felt like pure cannabis pleasure. I could go on (and on), but I cannot write about how pleasant it is. I liked it. A lot. I couldn’t consume it all the time though. If there was one thing that is negative about the effect, it’s how it’s not ’rounded’ in the same way that the effect from good flower is. There’s a certain completeness about the effect of flower, but that’s not to denigrate the quality. It’s just different.

Conclusion – Lazercat Silver Fume

If you’re in Colorado, try to find this product. It’s worth the few extra dollars over some other products in the market that state. Their website has locations of where the product has been purchased, but it’s not very up to date nor are the dispensaries that up to date either with what’s there. I called one in Trinidad that I like a lot, but when I tried to order a specific product I liked, they didn’t have it. I wish there was a way to ‘reserve’ the product I want, but there’s not.

If I was going to give this a score, I’d give it a 96, which is very high (as was I), but I haven’t developed the correct vocabulary to properly explain it. So the score will have to remain buried in this review and I’ll leave it at that.

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