The Top 9 Cannabis Strains of the Fall 2019 Harvest Season

2019 cannabis harvest

[Canniseur: It’s harvest 2019. It’ll be several months before the metaphoric smoke clears and then we’ll see a clearer picture of the quality of the harvest. Just like in wine country, the growers are saying it’s an off the charts season. Every vintage is the best ever…until the critics smoke and offer their reviews. Until then, we’ll sample and enjoy this 2019 cannabis harvest ourselves.]

SACRAMENTO—This time of year, leading cannabis cultivator Ted Lidie, founder and CEO of Alien Labs, lies awake at midnight, obsessing.

Nearly three acres of exotic cannabis—pungent and green Melonade contrasting with purple rows of Sherbacio and Area #41—sit ripening in 100-gallon pots in Yolo County, CA. As a farmer, Lidie’s livelihood is subject to the whims of fate.

By dawn, Lidie is up, one of thousands of licensed California operators bringing in millions of pounds of full-season, outdoor cannabis from the fields.

California is the world’s largest legal cannabis market, and the US’ biggest source of illicit herb. Licensed farmers report a bountiful, beautiful 2019 harvest, with off-the-charts flavors and powerful effects. Legalization is allowing compliant brands to produce at large scale.

Here are Leafly’s Harvest Strains of 2019: combining field reporting with sales and search data, with a focus on commercial cultivars found in licensed stores in California and other legalization states.

Let’s crack this jar and peak inside…


MAC stands for Miracle Alien Cookies, and 2019 is officially The Year of the MAC.

“I said it last year: ‘It’s the year of the MAC,’” laughs Humboldt County, CA, grower Dan “Mr. D” Eagan, part of the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. He’s standing on the sales floor of the world’s largest wholesale event, Hall of Flowers, on Sept. 17, in Santa Rosa, CA. “But now it’s officially the year of the MAC.”

Consumers have a bottomless desire for high-THC, sedative Cookies strains. So farms across California are harvesting thick, dense, pungent, frosty colas of the MAC cultivar this year.

MAC’s breeder Capulator took Alien Cookies and added more fuel and sour aromas from the strain Starfighter, and then some citrusy landrace Columbian.

MAC searches are surging on Leafly as the first cuts of the 2019 harvest come in, and we expect MAC to elevate seshes into the new year. Available in California from Lit House, Saucey, and many others.

For the entire article go to Leafly.

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