Witches Weed Cultivar Review

Witches Weed

Witches Weed Cultivar Review: Total Score: 81

Witches Weed is a “sativa” cultivar that I had never tried before. Called sativa by the dispensary and grower, it has a good mental effect. It also has a pleasant body effect as well. The uplifting and open mental effect was nice as long as it lasted; about 2 hours. After that, it got a bit heavy. Heavy in the body that is. My mind stayed mostly open and alert even as the body effect made me feel tired.

Witches Weed – Appearance

Witches Weed
Teensy nugs of Witches Weed

The buds were very small, tight and dense. I’m guessing it was grown outdoor, although the dispensary didn’t know. This batch of Witches Weed was heavily trimmed, which I find distracting. With a too heavy a hand on the trimming machine there’s not a ton of character left. In fact, these were teensy buds and I thought they were terrible. As you can see here. The buds were frosted with some pale orange stigma.

Appearance Score: 15/20

Witches Weed  – Aroma

The flower had some terpenes, but wasn’t hugely aromatic. The most notable aroma was garlic…as in the cultivar Garlic Cookies. What was there was OK, but I’m not a fan of the smell of garlic in my cannabis flower. The aroma of garlic is not one terpene, but several. When it’s in the genetics of a cannabis cultivar, it’s unmistakable. It overpowers just about everything else. I do like garlic…in my food. Just not sure I like it in my buds although some people swear by it.

Aroma Score: 15/20

Witches Weed – Taste

While the aromas of this strain had a lot of garlic in them, there wasn’t a lot of it in the taste, which I’d have to call neutral. were not distinct, neither was the taste. It tasted like uh, weed! That’s it. This strain tasted like weed. The smoke was just slightly harsh, but the bud was decently cured and had a bit of a vegetative taste.

Taste Score: 14/20

Witches Weed – Effect

Witches Weed Cultivar The Witches Weed cultivar is called sativa. The body effect and a mind effect seem to be distinct from one another. Not like a unified whole. The body effect is relaxing and gave my body a feeling of well being. The mind effect is energetic and happy. It was very easy and relaxing to laugh, if such a thing is possible. I guess it must be as that’s exactly what it felt like.

The effect started about 5 or 6 minutes after we had a puff. First, my body started to feel relaxed. This would be a great buzz after the gym. As my body started to relax, my mind seemed to sharpen. It wasn’t a hugely focused effect, but it was very pleasant.

Effect Score: 17/20

Witches Weed Strain Review Summary

I can’t say I was overly impressed with Witches Weed. (Annie- “I loved this cultivar. It was a very spiritual high that is hard to explain. But it truly felt magical.”) It was pretty good, but not a go back to strain or grower. The other thing I didn’t like was the packaging (here on the left). It’s wasteful. And it’s opaque. Most dispensaries either package in transparent packages, which are also wasteful, or let you see the bud as you buy it. Witches Weed was made by a very large company in Michigan. WANA edible gummies are packaged in the exact same plastic container as the buds came in. It’s not how I want to buy my weed.

Witches Weed did not create a memorable effect, but it was OK. If you like an OK brain buzz, you’ll enjoy this strain. If you want a strain that enhances creativity, and gives lots of energy, Witches Weed is not that strain. A light session of 1 or 2 puffs will get your brain going for a few hours, but won’t give you that burst of creativity you might want.

Witches Weed Strain Review Total Score: 81

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    • Jane
    • March 28, 2020

    Witches Weed is in my Top 5 strains. It usually tests high in THC, giving heavy effects that last for a few hours. The best part is it seems to open up my lungs for breathing easier. For that I am grateful. I kinda even love the name too.

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