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Spain and Portugal: Cannabis on the Iberian Peninsula

The cannabis market on the Iberian Peninsula is alive and well…and getting better, albeit slowly. I just returned from a fabulous trip to Portugal and Spain. It was wonderful to easily find several cannabis shops in both countries. It wasn’t that surprising as I was in Italy a few years ago and found  cannabis shops […]


Weed Week in Review June 4, 2021

Biden blocks cannabis sales in D.C.; CBD ice cream?; Why no weed emoji?; Amazon stops testing workers for marijuana use; Drug-sniffing dogs retiring; Wisconsin blocks medical marijuana while Louisiana expands; Montana legalizes adult use; High barriers to entry for CA grow market; and a federal study finds no increase in teen cannabis use after legalization


THC – Better Health Benefits Than CBD?

Both CBD and THC contain numerous medicinal properties. They engage the body differently through the endocannabinoid system. Interestingly, THC, which is mostly viewed concerning its psychoactive properties, boasts more therapeutic benefits than CBD. This article discusses effectiveness of CBD and THC on specific medical conditions.


5 Tips For Beating Work Stress With CBD

You can use natural supplements like CBD to combat work stress and other mental health issues so that you flourish in your work life.


Can CBD Help Your Body Hormones?

Research on CBD is limited; however, scientists know that CBD affects the receptors managed by the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD sends signals to encourage the release of essential enzymes or hormones that the body may need at that moment.


Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Strain for Insomnia and Anxiety

When it comes to picking the perfect strain for your needs, it’s just like picking a fine wine. Anyone who knows a thing or two about wine knows how much goes into the varieties and properties of different grape strains. When choosing the best CBD capsules or other hemp products, knowing the strain can help […]


What Is CBG and What Are The Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

[Canniseur: I love all the research coming out, but I’m a big fan of holistic medicine. It seems to me isolating carious cannabinoids and finding out their core value is a phase we must travel through. It’s like this is a necessary evil to get to the point where we determine, it’s the whole plant’s […]


Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Your Needs

CBD Vape Oil is a hot topic these days. Despite its popularity, CBD vape oil is perhaps the least understood of all products in the industry. Still, they’ve become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabinoid extracts, in some ways, more so than smoking medical marijuana due to the fact that CBD vaping […]


What Is Cannabis and What Is a Cannabis Strain?

Ed. Note: A bit of a strange article that purports to talk about strains, but instead the author talked about CBD vs. THC. And there’s no scientific evidence for this
Today, cannabis consumption is generally divided into two primary uses: recreational and medical. Recreational cannabis consumers may use cannabis for a variety of purposes, such as enjoyment, stress relief, and creative stimulation. Medical consumers use cannabis to alleviate symptoms such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss, and more.


Epileptic 12-Year-Old’s CBD Oil Seized at U.K. Airport

Cannabis news + reviews

U.K. border security officials at Heathrow Airport have seized CBD oil intended for a 12-year-old epilepsy patient. Charlotte Caldwell, the mother of Billy Caldwell, told reporters that the British government had “most likely signed my son’s death warrant.” Young Billy has a severe form of epilepsy that causes up to 100 seizures per day. He […]


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