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How to Review Cannabis Strains Like a Canniseur

Part of Canniseur’s mission is to change the way cannabis is reviewed. Educated consumers should enjoy cannabis as much as they might enjoy fine wine, artisan spirits, or craft beer. Here’s how to review cannabis strains. The 4-20s Review System Canniseur uses a model that’s been in use in the wine world for more than […]


Cannabis 101 – A Getting Started Guide

Whether you’ve never tried the “evil weed” or if you are ready to jump back into the bakery after a long absence, here’s the guide to getting started on for today’s cannabis connoisseur.


How To Clean Your Bowl After A Session

Ed. Note: Would you drink a new bottle of wine out of a dirty glass? No! Why then, do people keep letting their bowls get dank and not clean them? My technique is a bit different, but not by much. If you’re going to consume, you need to know this.
It’s crucial to know how to clean your bowl after a smoke sesh. If you want to puff like a pro, it’s not enough to know simply how to clean a bowl—you need to know the best way to clean a bowl.


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