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China is Secretly Becoming a Global Cannabis Leader

Ed. Note: Why is this not surprising. We don’t know what China’s real views are on cannabis for things other than herbal remedies, but we know the Chinese will try to out-compete every country for cannabis production. Will the THC style weed take over the market? Time will tell.

China farms a massive amount of hemp and currently holds more than half of the globe’s cannabis patents.


Manitoba RCMP Make Large Marijuana Bust After Officers Pull Over Semi-Trailer

WINNIPEG — A routine highway checkstop in Manitoba has resulted in what police say is the largest marijuana drug bust through a traffic stop in Canada in three years. RCMP say patrol officers pulled over a semi-trailer on Sunday on the Trans-Canada Highway in Westhawk, about 150 kilometers east of Winnipeg, near the Ontario boundary. Mounties say something […]


After Public Outcry, Medical Marijuana Is Finally Coming to the U.K. This Fall

Medical marijuana is finally coming to the U.K. after a century of prohibition, thanks in part to public support of a young boy who nearly died after police seized his CBD medicine. This Thursday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that British doctors will be allowed to prescribe specific cannabis-derived medicines as soon as this fall. […]


Nova Scotia Announces the World’s First Liquor and Cannabis Retail Store

Nova Scotia retail cannabis & alcohol

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia will soon become the only known place in the world with combined liquor-cannabis retailers. The twelve stores are set to open on October 17, the official launch date for Canada’s recreational market. The retail combination will run through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), the province’s government-subsidized alcohol retailer. […]


Halifax One of the First Cities in Canada to Impose Widespread Smoking Ban

Halifax has become one of the first big cities in Canada to ban smoking of any kind on all municipal property, including roads, parks and sidewalks, with city officials saying the move was prompted by the pending legalization of recreational cannabis. Some critics are calling the move heavy-handed, while others say it discriminates against those on low incomes. But the Canadian […]


‘Breakthrough’ in South Korea as cannabis law gets major backer

A move to legalize medical marijuana in South Korea picked up a key backer, increasing its chances of approval by the end of this year. South Korea would be the only country in Asia, besides Israel, to approve medical cannabis for qualifying patients, which would mark a significant milestone in the global medical cannabis industry. India […]


The UK Steps Up On Medical Cannabis Use | Cannabis Industry Journal

Cannabis news + reviews

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid appears to have become the most high ranking cannabis advocate in the British government. He has just launched a review into medicinal uses of cannabis in the UK. However, this dramatic change in policy has only come after a series of high profile campaigns and escalating battles for access waged […]


Legalization vs Mexico’s Powerful Cartels: Who’d Win?

(Part three of a three-part Mexico Legalization Series) In Mexico City, 33-year-old businessman Bernardo Pérez Rojas wants to take a plunge into the cannabis economy, but first with measured steps. Pérez Rojas, a stylish man with longish hair wrapped in a ponytail, is the CEO of Grupo Perfumeros de México, a fragrance and flavoring company […]


Emblem Makes $3 Million Investment In Natura

Emblem Corp.  (EMMBF) is making a $3 million strategic equity investment into Canadian cannabis company Natura Naturals Inc. In addition to the investment, the two companies have also signed a three-year cannabis supply agreement for Natura to provide Emblem up to 3,000kg of high-quality cannabis flower per year from its Phase 1 cultivation facility. The […]


U.S. Reportedly Issues Travel Bans on Canadian Cannabis Professionals

Immigration and cannabis legalization have been two hot button issues within the U.S. political arena recently. The majority of the discussion surrounding these issues has been mainly focused on that of legalization in America and immigration from Mexico. But there has been a disturbing story regarding both travel bans and cannabis legalization involving our neighbors […]


Brazil Lawmaker Puts Marijuana Legalization On the Table

The leader of Brazil’s Workers’ Party in the lower House chamber introduced legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana for medical and recreational purposes on Tuesday. In a tweet, federal deputy Paulo Teixeira said that the bill was inspired by international trends and the success of cannabis reform efforts in Uruguay, the United States, Spain and […]


Israel Moving to Decriminalize Marijuana Use This Week

The Israeli Knesset, the country’s legislative body, is moving to decriminalize marijuana with a vote set for this week. If the new law passes, it would replace jail time for most of those guilty of cannabis possession with civil fines. The Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved the bill Monday and has advanced it to the […]


Meet The Man Throwing a Weed Festival in Paradise—And Getting Away With It

“Every day, all day,” is the response Philliciano “Foxy” Callwood gives these days when you ask him how often he smokes ganja. Lordlike, he perches on his chair overlooking idyllic Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, his gray hair stubbornly sticking up on all sides. “I used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day,” […]


O Cannada: Legal Weed’s Effect on the Canadian Economy and Culture

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party leadership, Canada recently legalized cannabis nationwide, making it the largest country in the world to have a federally sanctioned marijuana marketplace. The Great White North, strong and free? That remains to be seen, say industry experts and activists across the nation. According to a Statistics Canada report, Canadians […]


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