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Weed Week in Review June 4, 2021

Biden blocks cannabis sales in D.C.; CBD ice cream?; Why no weed emoji?; Amazon stops testing workers for marijuana use; Drug-sniffing dogs retiring; Wisconsin blocks medical marijuana while Louisiana expands; Montana legalizes adult use; High barriers to entry for CA grow market; and a federal study finds no increase in teen cannabis use after legalization


Weed Week in Review May 21, 2021

Marijuana use OK with COVID vaccine; conservative states moving on medical marijuana; NJ city petitions to overturn “No Cannabis” ordinance; edibles don’t work for everyone; Cannabis beer; NM seeks to expand grow limits; Cannabis in Africa.


Cannabis 101 – Part 2 – Frequently Asked Questions About Health

In the first installment of the Cannabis 101 series, I attempted to answer the ‘big’ questions about why cannabis is our favorite plant. In this post, I’m going to try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to cannabis and health. The answers are based on research that is continually being expanded […]


THC – Better Health Benefits Than CBD?

Both CBD and THC contain numerous medicinal properties. They engage the body differently through the endocannabinoid system. Interestingly, THC, which is mostly viewed concerning its psychoactive properties, boasts more therapeutic benefits than CBD. This article discusses effectiveness of CBD and THC on specific medical conditions.


Cannabis and Chemotherapy

There’s been a lot of research and articles written about cannabis and chemotherapy. As of today, there aren’t enough documented and peer reviewed studies about how cannabis makes chemo easier. But what’s there is factual. And when it comes to cannabis, there are still nay-sayers who think that cannabis is the evil weed. Thankfully, they’re becoming fewer and fewer.


The Overlooked Cannabinoid That Can Help Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Ed. Note: Both my parents had Type 2 diabetes. Both probably died from complications from the disease. We know so little about the healing properties of cannabis and it truly needs more research.
Nobody wants to develop diabetes, but it happens all the time and is becoming more prevalent in our society. Type 2 diabetes affects over 29 million people.


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