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Weed Week in Review June 18, 2021

This Week in Weed: Lots of twists and turns along the path of cannabis legalization, along with Myths of Cannabis, including cannabis and sleep problems.


Weed Week in Review May 28,2021

Positive marijuana tests are up; DOJ resists federal decriminalization even while legalization has been lucrative for states; the state of Texas’ medical marijuana expansion debate.


Weed Week in Review May 21, 2021

Marijuana use OK with COVID vaccine; conservative states moving on medical marijuana; NJ city petitions to overturn “No Cannabis” ordinance; edibles don’t work for everyone; Cannabis beer; NM seeks to expand grow limits; Cannabis in Africa.


Weed Week in Review May 14, 2021

Are cannabis plants too fragrant? Illinois fails on minority equity in weed licensing; Legalization: Mississippi snags, Louisiana moves forward, Philadelphia restricts pre-employment testing; Republicans file bill for federal legalization.


How State Dispensary Rules Continue the Stigma of Weed

Cannabis has been mired in a miasma of stigma for the past 100 years. In the US, the stigma was created by the government and then embraced and perpetuated by the media beginning in the 1920s. In the 1930s, people who consumed our favorite plant were depicted as depraved, wild and barely in control. Or […]


House Passes Legislation to Decriminalize Marijuana

The U.S. House of Representatives just (on December 4th) passed legislation to decriminalize cannabis. Yes. They. Did. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the Senate is highly unlikely to pass the same legislation. Republican representatives and senators from many states are still against removing cannabis from Schedule 1 and it’s now just plain resistance […]


New Mexico Cannabis Legalization Must Permit Home Growing

Cannabis Legalization in New Mexico

Home growing is a contested issue for legalization in New Mexico. It shouldn’t be an issue at all. Meanwhile, many New Mexicans in the northeastern part of the state are going to Colorado for their cannabis purchases. Soon in the western part of the state, Arizona will be their destination to get their cannabis products. […]


COVID-19 & Cannabis

COVID-19 and Cannabis

We read through several articles culled from the web about the possible relationships between COVID-19 and cannabis. Nobody doing this research seems to want to make a direct correlation between cannabis and COVID-19. Is this a result of lingering stigma around cannabis? Make up your own mind.


Cannabis Opposition is Still Out There

Cannabis opposition is still hard at work.

Five more states legalized use, but cannabis opposition is working hard, perpetuating lies and filing lawsuits to invalidate many of the initiatives.


Can Cannabis Withdrawal Be Really Hard?

While some people can become “addicted” to cannabis, not everyone is. In fact, we’re finding it’s a very low percentage. I’m beginning to believe it depends on our endocannabinoid systems. Everyone has a different endocannabinoid system and we know next to nothing about it. We need more research and learning about it.


Get Cannabis Removed from Schedule 1

Weed Editorial by Canniseur

We need to begin a concerted effort to remove cannabis, all cannabis, from Schedule 1. Move it to any schedule or put it in the same schedule with alcohol, which would mean cannabis would be completely removed from any schedule since alcohol isn’t considered a drug by the US.


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