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Oklahoma Official Charged With Felonies After Fake Marijuana Terrorist Threats

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It began as a scam seemingly built on good intentions. The Oklahoma State Department’s leading legal eagle, 37-year-old Julie Ezell, was simply going to create a digital boogeyman, of sorts, in hopes of convincing state regulators to back down on their willingness to ban smokeable forms of marijuana. But, these days, not only does it […]


California Seeks to Enforce Separation of Cannabis and Alcohol

Ed. Note. We don’t understand this at all. What is the logic behind detaching these two very social activities. People will be forced to choose between their friends when being social – tokers or drinkers.

California regulators have issued an advisory that delineates a clear separation between cannabis and alcohol in the state. The memo from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) on the Cannabis Portal website was published on July 25. The advisory is a list of frequently asked questions received by the ABC, and the department’s responses.


The ‘NJ Weedman’ Discusses His Run for Office and “Reefer Reparations”

All photos courtesy of the author Edward Forchion is an activist, author, restaurateur, and, most recently, a candidate for the New Jersey Legislature. Forchion, known as NJ Weedman, has been advocating marijuana legalization in the Garden State for more than two decades. Now, at 54, he’s running for the New Jersey Assembly in the 15th District, […]


On the Hunt for Marijuana Million$

Jersey City dev

Jon Regis is a black gynecologist who heads Reliance Medical Group, a medical practice with offices throughout South Jersey. His business partner, Ira Trocki, is a Jewish plastic surgeon who once sewed up boxer Mike Tyson’s right eye after a brutal match in Atlantic City. The pair jokingly refers to themselves as “Salt and Pepper” […]


California Department of Public Health Prohibits Hemp-Derived CBD in Food Products

In early July, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a revised “FAQ” memo that contained a blanket policy on industrial hemp-derived CBD products. In short, the state seemed to be banning them.  The relevant question drew a stark line in the sand: “1. What forms of Industrial hemp derived products will and will […]


Opportunity for All: How Massachusetts Is Creating Social Equity in Legal Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Shaleen Title With Massachusetts’ adult-use cannabis regulations freshly in effect, and legal sales expected to start in a matter of weeks, the state must now grapple with how to ensure that legal pot benefits its population as a whole, and not just already well-to-do residents. Social equity programs are on the rise […]


Select California’s Cannabis Cities Reap Millions in Sales Taxes, the Rest Miss Out

California cities that approved legal cannabis sales beginning January 1 will net hundreds of millions of dollars in combined local sales tax revenues this year, an exclusive Leafly analysis has found. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the state, which continues to ban cannabis sales is on track to forfeit their millions to local street dealers. […]


Pennsylvania Could Make Nearly $600 Million a Year From Legal Weed

Even though Pennsylvania is still working out the kinks of its new medical cannabis program, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto are calling on state leaders to take a step further and legalize recreational cannabis sales. At a joint press conference held this Thursday, DePasquale unveiled a new report which estimates […]


Michigan’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Facilities in Limbo

Roots Dispensaries

Last week the first businesses in Michigan gained approval for licenses from the state’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board — but that doesn’t mean they can use that new license yet to distribute medicine to patients. A total of seven licenses were approved last week — with four of the licenses going to one grower in […]


Court denies group’s lawsuit over ballot language for Bakersfield medicinal marijuana dispensary initiative

A judge has denied a lawsuit against the city of Bakersfield that challenged ballot language asking voters to overturn a citywide ban on medicinal marijuana dispensaries. The Kern Citizens for Patient rights alleged in the lawsuit that language drafted by the Bakersfield City Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the City Clerk would bias voters against […]


Legalization Inundates California’s Cannabis Labs

Cannabis is going from the Dark Ages to Star Trek pretty rapidly these days. Witness California, where on Sunday, July 1, the promise of clean, pesticide-free marijuana became a reality literally overnight. Some dispensary shelves have gone nearly bare this month as brands line up for unprecedented quality control screening. The cannabis that is making […]


Florida to expand sizzling medical marijuana market with four new licenses

Florida’s $200 million medical cannabis industry has spurred the state to issue an additional four “medical marijuana treatment center” licenses. The state health department expects to be swamped with as many as 400 applications for the lucrative licenses, according to the News Service of Florida. Here’s what you need to know: The expansion was triggered […]


The Best & Worst of California’s Proposed Permanent Cannabis Regulations

After months of speculation, California’s marijuana regulators have released a draft of their final regulations for state’s burgeoning cannabis industry, following a seven month period where the state was operating under “emergency regulations.” Last Friday, California released its final rules for every aspect of the cannabis industry and commenced a 45-day public comment period. There are […]


Oregon Plans New Cannabis Harvest Regulations to Combat Illicit Market

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is gearing up to roll out new regulations for the state’s licensed cannabis growers. The regulations aim to give the state more control and oversight over cannabis harvests. But growers are already pushing back. They say the new rules could interfere with the delicate and often unpredictable timing of harvesting […]


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