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Weed Week in Review May 28,2021

Positive marijuana tests are up; DOJ resists federal decriminalization even while legalization has been lucrative for states; the state of Texas’ medical marijuana expansion debate.


Weed Week in Review May 14, 2021

Are cannabis plants too fragrant? Illinois fails on minority equity in weed licensing; Legalization: Mississippi snags, Louisiana moves forward, Philadelphia restricts pre-employment testing; Republicans file bill for federal legalization.


How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair?

[Canniseur: The follicle test can be scary. There’s some research and debunking of the follicle test, with many false positives being recorded. It’s a test still used by some employers even though it’s expensive and the results can be contested. Check out what’s false and what’s true.] Most of us have pissed in a cup so […]


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