Want to Support Cannabis Businesses Focused on Social Justice? This List is For You.

Canniseur: Social justice is important. Our current attorney general who does not believe there is systemic racism in the U.S. and freely admits that people of color are treated differently than white people. That’s blatant racism, pure and simple. We need to stop being racists. If you must hate people, hate because they’re nasty and not because their skin happens to be a different color or their eyes look different.

At Canniseur, one of our founding principles is to believe in and look at social justice as a way to help this industry progress toward its fully legal status and take its place in the landscape along with the wine business and other industries that improve our lives.

The cannabis industry is no different. It’s hard to find a place in it if you’re not white. This industry is at its beginning and it’s a perfect opportunity to create a fair and equitable industry. This is an important list.

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